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In this area we have services such as:

Incorporation of entities supervised by the Financial Superintendence and proceedings relating transformation, merger, spin-off, acquisition, restructuring agreements, liquidation etc. and counseling thereon.

​Presentation and development of products for financial entities and insurance companies, and conduction of proceedings seeking approval from the competent authorities.


Counseling on activities relating requests and requirements made from surveillance and control authorities.

As to insurance companies, we provide counseling regarding analysis of claims, review, drafting and execution of letters of objection in the various areas of insurance. Such services include analysis and processing of requests for reconsideration and responses to requests from the Financial Superintendence, as appropriate on occasion of the dismissal or processing of claims.

Counseling on matters relating prevention and control of money laundering, including performance as Officer of Compliance


To that end, we have the following portfolio of services:

Counseling on the incorporation of all kinds of companies, including legal support as required throughout the existence of such companies. Counseling includes establishing contact and having meetings with the competent authorities, filing of approval or authorization applications and all paperwork necessary to complete the tasks entrusted to us.


Drafting of correspondence addressed to the authorities and timely submission to surveillance and control entities of any periodic information to be submitted by clients.


Drafting, revision, restatement, amendment and registration of corporate bylaws.


Counseling on processes for corporate acquisitions, including prior performance of a due diligence and the drafting or revision of purchase contracts and public or private bids for shares’ acquisitions.


Counseling on processes relating corporate transformation, merger or spin-off.


Assistance on annual renewals mandatory upon parent companies, branches, agencies and, generally, registration of all acts requiring such formality before the competent authorities, whether Chambers of Commerce or Registration Offices.


Counseling on proceedings relating corporate reorganization and liquidation.


Drafting or revision, as the case may be, of contracts requested by and required to be entered by clients in the ordinary course of their business and any amendments or addendums thereto.


Our service includes the following:

Drafting of periodical reports addressed to the entities and to the Financial Superintendence; quarterly drafting and submission of statistical reports on financial consumer complaints.


Compliance of the attributions established in the law and the Organic Statute of the Financial System, in addition to the requirements set by Decree 2555 of 2010 and Law 1328 of 2009.


Act as a spokesperson for the financial customers.


Know and resolve the financial customer’s complaints regarding the services provided by the entities.


Make recommendations to the entities, resulting from the assessment of complaints received by the Financial Consumer’s Ombudsman.


Act as a conciliator between entities and their customers.


The following are some of the services we have provided for them:

Legal counseling on matters concerning entry and remittance of capitals invested in the country, as well as payments in foreign currency and transfers abroad.


Legal counseling on the Colombian exchange regime.


Registration and representation of foreign investments in Colombia, and of Colombian investments abroad.


Among them are the following:

Legal counsel, drafting and/or revision, as the case may be, of technology contracts regarding technology acquisition or licensing of computer software and hardware.


Legal counseling on the drafting of outsourcing contracts for acquisition of technology and system services.


Legal counseling on the development of businesses through electronic means.


Legal counseling on preparing strategies to minimize risks involved in e-commerce.


With this end in mind, we provide the following services:

Analysis of the family formation and the family environment.


Analysis of the estate composition.


Preparation of proposals for estate planning.


Implementation of the selected estate planning structure.


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